Welcome to B1P Group | We are your BIM solution.

We are an international team of BIM process professionals. Each one of us is an expert in BIM technology, implementation, management and process.

We offer services tailored to customer requirements and provide specialist support to General Contractors, Public Authorities, Companies and Professionals in any type of construction or infrastructure project.

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More than a BIM Consultancy

Our mission is to work in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders so that they can take wise decisions, while saving time and money.

We work with our clients to make effective use of BIM throughout the different phases of the project lifecycle, from demolition and sustainable design to construction and operational management. A coordinated BIM implementation provides complete risk management, considerable productivity gains, reduced construction time and significant cost savings across the entire project.

As the project design and construction plans take shape, our team of experts will work together to identify problems, resolve any issues, and address potential errors in advance.

Reduce risk, save time and save money: this is what our clients demand and this is what we deliver.

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