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NQA, an accredited certification body, and the Collegio Provinciale dei Geometri e Geometri Laureati di Roma announce a partnership to create a comprehensive BIM training course for the College’s members.

The course, structured in theoretical and practical modules, aims to provide Italian professionals with the skills they need to successfully operate in the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a work methodology that is revolutionizing the construction industry.

“We are excited about this collaboration with NQA and the Collegio dei Geometri di Roma,” said Matteo Proia, CEO of B1P Group “As instructors of this training course, we continue to emphasize how BIM is a key element for the future of the construction industry, and we are confident that this activity will help surveyors seize the opportunities offered by this technology.”

The course will cover all aspects of BIM, from 3D modeling to project information management, to collaboration between the different actors involved in the construction process. Course participants will also have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies.

“BIM is a fundamental technology for the digitization of the construction industry,” said Giusi Cannata, CEO of NQA Italia “This course is an important opportunity for Collegio dei Geometri members to acquire the skills they need to compete in the future job market.

The BIM training course of NQA and the Collegio Provinciale dei Geometri e Geometri Laureati di Roma is an important initiative for the future of Italian professionals. BIM is a technology that has the potential to improve the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of the construction industry. People who specialize in BIM will be able to offer their clients high-level services and will be in high demand in the market.