B1P People

Architect member of the Order of Architects of Rome, graduated in 2016 at the University of Rome “Sapienza” with 110/110 cum laude. I carried out my master thesis project “slum advancement and regeneration of Kolkata riverfront” in India at the Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology in Kolkata, where the in-depth study of the urban landscape along the 2 km of the Hoogly River and the anthropological analysis of the residents, allowed me to develop a program that in 10 years would lead to the displacement and relocation of more than 5000 people into the same area.

This experience abroad has not only helped to develop my aptitude for teamwork and listening to different people and cultures, but above all to increase my knowledge of the English language, which, during my professional career as an architect, has allowed me to relate with customers and suppliers from all over the world.

After graduating, I started working at firms in Rome and Civitavecchia, where I was mainly involved in architecture competitions, design of residential buildings and building renovations. In 2017 I started working as a freelance architect and, at the same time as working in the firm, I started to develop projects on my behalf and became a member of the CF Style Architects. To date I have completed 15 national and international competitions.

Award ceremony for the “Curare lo Spirito” ideas competition organized by ASL Roma 1 in partnership with the Tavolo Interreligioso of Rome and with the collaboration of the Ordine degli Architetti of Rome. A space for meditation, silence and prayer open to all faiths in the San Filippo Neri and Santo Spirito hospitals.

Since July 2019 I have been collaborating with B1PGroup, where I deal with the design and construction assistance of buildings for companies in the Oil & Gas sector, from 3D modelling to the design of drawings for construction sites, as well as architectural competitions. Among them, the participation in the competitions of ideas for the realization of the Pavilion of Romania at Expo Dubai 2020.

This new experience has allowed me to widen my BIM knowledge and to undertake a growth path towards the MEP engineering and structural part of architecture.

I am a very curious and diligent person in my work and I always put all my enthusiasm in what I do, dealing with problems with interest and desire to learn, working both individually and in teams, with the aim of the final result.