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My approach to BIM begins after I graduated in Architectural Design at the University of “Roma Tre”, I attended a Master’s degree in BIM Specialist. During this training I specialized in BIM design and methods for the various disciplines: architectural, structural and MEP engineering. The Master’s course was not a purely formative experience but a real work experience that opened up various paths for me at a professional level.


So I started working as an Architect/BIM Specialist at an Architecture Firm in Rome where I was able to implement the skills acquired on various architectural projects such as hospital complexes, industrial canteens, etc..

At B1P Group I work in the design assistance and BIM modeling of integrated multidisciplinary projects, where every single aspect is coordinated and integrated with the highest quality and precision, on time.

I have been in charge of MEP design for the project of a complex of buildings of a refinery in Alberta, Canada, where the design is focused on HVAC plants, bringing the level of development of the models up to Fabrication Parts. The assignment also includes the drawing up of construction sheets and complete computation of weights of individual items, keeping the LOD at 450.

MEP Lod 450

Currently I am in charge of design assistance and BIM modeling, up to the preparation of construction drawings and data extraction for the management of QtO and MtO for a large company in the oil and gas sector. For data management and for the development of effective workflows, such as the automatic transfer of information within the Revit model, I designed Dynamo scripts to substantially reduce human error.

At the same time, I am involved in the formation of Basic and Advanced Revit Lecturers for high school students. Teaching students to manage a BIM project through a parametric modeling of the main building elements with particular attention to information management, motivating them with mentoring techniques in order to transmit both technical skills related to the software and management skills are some of the objectives that I set myself to always do my job at best.

BIM has been a challenge that allows me, day after day, to improve my skills by providing them to the customer. I am a person who is determined to achieve the goals set and motivated to pursue new opportunities.