BIM services shaped for your needs

Our range of BIM services are the result of our unrivalled and wide experience. We are one of the few Italian companies that provides professional legal consulting BIM services. We work with a team of lawyers that is expert in private and public contract documentation.

Our team of engineers, architects and lawyers have a considerable experience in all sectors, such as construction and infrastructure. This is why we are able to satisfy the customer in every request.

Shaping your BIM Standards

  • Office BIM Standard
  • BIM Plan
  • Employer’s Information Requirements
  • Asset Information Requirements
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • Master Information Delivery Plan
  • Common Data Environments

Making your model

  • Model Production and Delivery Tables
  • BIM Modelling guides and standards
  • Model Integrity Checking
  • COBie application and information
  • Designed sheet development in a BIM model

Coordination Review and Audit

  • BIM & GIS interoperability
  • Model federation service
  • Coordination support / clash detection / issue identification
  • Clash detection through a Clash Matrix
  • PDF, Excel, BCF and IFC report of model issues
  • Online collaboration platform Management with the design team
  • Model audits / review
  • Documentation review
  • Interoperability support

BIM Training and Academy

We are experts in standardising your company BIM workflow.

Every BIM project needs to start with a workflow, a roadmap, standards and a BEP developed through the activities necessary to complete it. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can deliver training to your employees and staff according to your needs.

Your team can improve their BIM knowledge through our courses; otherwise, you can choose to let them do their job while we are doing all the hard work. We will assist your team doing the BIM models and we will also provide all the sheets and documentation the team may require.


Check everything in your Project

Organizing information, models and project documentation supplied by each individual designer, such as architects and engineers, is the most important process. The cost of the project can vary if it is not carried out correctly by someone who knows what to do.

That is why we decided to offer a Model Coordination Service through compliance control, design review, analysis and code checking.

With our Clash Detection and Coordination team, we will help you to find and visualize issues and problems during the design phase and even during the construction.

Project-management-B1P Group

View your Project in Virtual Reality

Thanks to 3D model and BIM process, it has become much more easy to create professional and high quality 3D visualisation, photorealistic renders and animations that think up your ideas.


But it is not just aesthetic. We help building companies to simulate building constructions and infrastructures at every stage, including heavy vehicles and unfinished buildings.

We offer Virtual Reality support for every project we develop. Conceiving the project brilliantly allows you to perceive spaces and dimensions like never before and design and visualize every element in real time.