An introduction to BIM

The Building Information Modeling, acronym: BIM, indicates a process through which it is possible to optimize the planning, construction and management of buildings.

NIBS (National Institutes of Building Science) defines BIM as the “digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of an object” and in a more specific meaning of a building or infrastructural.

BIM is therefore not a product or a software application, but it is an operative methodology of planning, design, implementation and maintenance, made possible through the realization of a three-dimensional dynamic informative model, inside which all the graphic information is included documents concerning each individual element.

BIM Manager in Italy

The role of the BIM Manager in Italy

The BIM Manager is the professional figure responsible for managing the BIM process in a project. They are responsible for coordinating design, construction, and maintenance activities, ensuring that the digital model is used effectively and that all information is shared among the project stakeholders.

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The application of BIM in Europe – FOCUS Spain

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a methodology for the design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure that relies on the creation of a digital model of a project. This model contains information of a geometric, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and other nature, which can be used by all actors involved in the construction process.

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Rome event – BIM process management

BIM has disruptively entered the Italian and international markets, digitizing and enhancing the design, construction and maintenance process. Together with two experts Giulio Brotini and Matteo Proia, and Antonio Finocchio and Luca Parola from our sales team, we are going to answer for you a number of questions related to Building Information Modeling–and more!

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B1P wins BIM Technology Excellence of the Year award

The twelfth edition of the Le Fonti Awards® was held on Thursday, December 1, in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, and celebrated the excellences of the Italian business world that have distinguished themselves for the relevance of the operations followed, high specialization and ambitious projects put in place. As well as for innovation and leadership.

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Help those in need

Our work is based on dialogue between people and in that spirit we believe in democracy and collaboration between peoples.
We are all fellow Europeans and this war may make us feel powerless, but we are all still able to do something.

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