Our 2018 in B1P Group

This has been a challenging year that has seen us involved in numerous projects and mega-projects around the world. Our skills and expertise have grown bringing expected results and incredible achievement from international customers.

Competition for the design of the Italy Pavilion EXPO 2020

The central concept of the Italy Expo 2020 Pavilion will be “Beauty connects people”: beauty as an element of connection between people, but also as an expression of creative genius and cultural richness. B1P Group is already working on another Expo Pavilion, offering BIM modeling services to align with the Expo 2020 requirements for design delivery and BIM model for the Concept Design and Detail Design phase.


Nel continuo sviluppo della tecnologia destinata alla progettazione, gestione e manutenzione, il BIM (Buil­ding Information Modeling) è ormai un protagonista indiscusso. Attraverso questa metodologia è possibile garantire il dialogo fra tutte le discipline che compon­gono le industrie AEC e MEP, restituendo informazioni concrete riguardo tutti gli elementi dell’opera, riuscen­do quindi a gestire il cantiere, l’officina ed interi im­pianti industriali e dando modo di scoprire e risolvere a monte ogni tipo di problema, come le interferenze fra le discipline.

International Design Competition – Dubai Creek Harbor Mosque

Interesting Design Competition launched by Emaar Development in Dubai. It is about creating the Design of the new Mosque in the heart of the ambitious world-class development project of the Dubai waterfront, the Creek Harbor. the entire area is 5.6 million square meters and will include 48,500 housing units with a population of 175,000. A definitely ambitious project where the BIM process will be the master, because in the United Arab Emirates it is now a consolidated standard.