New process and Software for our SmartWorking – Our experience with A360 from the BIM Coordinator Marzia Ricci

Remote working cannot be improvised and Covid-19 is making it clear. We have, have decided to adopt managing policies and paradigms that will allow us to embrace a cultural change that will become endemic in the forthcoming months.
We have chosen to help, through targeted articles, the divulgation of the tools we are using in the hope to advise someone else with what we believe is a best practice.

Ordine Ingegneri Bari – Basic BIM & Project Management course held by B1P Group professionals

Ordine Ingegneri Bari – Basic BIM & Project Management course held by B1P Group professionals. This is a fundamental course for those who currently carry out a 2D design management activity and want to move on to the management of parametric 3D design BIM, deepening a complete knowledge of the methods, tools and all the processes necessary for effective management, according to their disciplinary competence (infrastructural, structural, plant engineering, environmental).

Corso Informativo BIM

Convenio BIM – Modelado de información de construcción – Comprender el valor de la información

El 01/12/2017, el Decreto Ministerial 560/2017 entró en vigor en BIM – Building Information Modeling.
Por lo tanto, es evidente la necesidad de que las empresas adquieran rápidamente este requisito y, para las administraciones, conozcan los procedimientos técnicos y operativos para el uso de BIM.
Es por eso que B1P Group y el Public Procurement Institute organizaron una conferencia de información sobre el proceso BIM en tres ubicaciones de excelencia.


Anas join FS Group

In its new configuration, the FS Group has an infrastructural, railway and road network of around 44 thousand kilometers. The 2.3 billion vehicles that annually travel 64.5 billion km on the roads and motorways under management at Anas are thus added to the traffic managed by the Group.