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Today we begin the celebration of B1P Group’s 5th year. Today I reflect on all the incredible work our team has done over these years to achieve the impossible and deliver compelling capabilities that make an important difference for our customers.

We started out in 2018 in a small corner office in Rome. The company was built with the goal of helping companies and their teams understand how technology could support their strategy and long-term growth while delivering seamless, enjoyable services to their people and customers. Rather than building technology that focuses on the solution first, we built a culture that allowed us to do a service based on people’s behaviors and help improve the experience overall.

As we celebrate 5years of business in 2023, it’s a great time to highlight our most recent milestones, including the award for representing an excellence in providing Italian BIM modeling and BIM outsourcing services.

As a consultancy company, and one that provides such critical services, we take our relationships very seriously. While the services we provide and the technology we use continue to change, the relationship goals we have remain the same. We strive to build long-term relationships focused on human experience, support your digital transformation, and work togheter in the most complex engineering and architectural works.

Over the course of time, we have gone from being a small business made up just by me to an amazing team of passionate people, helping companies worldwide with digital transformation and 3D modeling actities. Along the journey, we have been supported by so many wonderful employees, partners and mentors. We have built an incredible team around an inclusive, supportive culture right here in Rome and also in Naples and Padua.   

B1P Group officially turns 5 today. Looking back on this journey of five years, we feel thrilled and overwhelmed with joy. This journey of 5 years was no less than a roller coaster ride- full of ups and downs, but eventually, through innovation, trust, and excellence we found our path to success.