BACPO Modernization program, considered as the largest industrial project in the history of Bahrein, establishes the expansion of the existing BACPO refinery, whose main objective is to improve the energetic efficiency of the plant in full compliance with the surrounding environment.

EPCC project “lump sum turnkey”, which will be completed in 2020, foresees:

– New refinery configuration in order to allow more productivity, improve product slate by converting more of the barrel into higher value products and increase the gross margin with the aim of remaining competitive in a big range of prices and market scenarios;

– Improvement of energy efficiency by reducing the Energy Intensity Index (EII), installing new high efficiency process units of oil;

– Environmental compliance, guaranteeing the functioning of new units in compliance with local environmental regulations and international standards;

Services:BIM LOD 400
Scope:Detail Design
2D Deliverables
VR Model Review

BAPCO modernization Program – Image courtesy of: Bapco Website

Project collects the following mail units: Residue Hydrocracking, Hydrocracker, Hydro Desulfurisation Unit, Crude Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Recovery, Sulphur Recovery, Tail Gas Treatment, Sour Water Stripper, Amine Recovery, Bulk Acid Gas Removal, Sulphur Solidification units; Saturated Gas Plant; e Sulphur Handling Facilities.

Our activity in BAPCO Modernization Program has concerned the architectural design and multidisciplinary coordination of refinery buildings. As substations, laboratories, guardhouses and maintenance, for 15 buildings entirely designed in BIM in total.

The Clash Detection activities, as well as that of exporting QtOs and MtOs, have been performed not only at each deliverable, but, above all, during the whole design process, in order to keep the planning of all the disciplines and costs for each individual design variation under control.