The plant is designed for chemical “cracking” of ethane, an abundant liquid natural gas (NGL) extracted from soil together with methane, creating polyethylene from ethane.

Polyethylene is essentially raw plastic. The producers in the region and not only will use the plastic pellets that Shell will produce in the plant to create an unlimited variety of products.

The project is bringing economic growth and jobs to the region, with around 3,000 workers on site today. It is likely that this number will rise to 6,000 by the end of 2019 during the construction phase. Shell expects about 600 jobs on site when the complex is completed.

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From 2019, over 5,000 employees are working on the construction of the plant. Site will have four processing units – three of which will be polyethylene crackers and one of ethane – a natural gas power plant to support both the plant and the local electricity grid, a 270 m high cooling tower, a rail system for over 3,000 freight cars, numerous loading facilities for trains and trucks, a water treatment plant, an office building, a laboratory and an “innovation center”.