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Информационное моделирование зданий, акроним: BIM, указывает на процесс, посредством которого можно оптимизировать планирование, строительство и управление зданиями.

NIBS (National Institutes of Building Science) определяет BIM как «цифровое представление физических и функциональных характеристик объекта» и в более конкретном смысле здания или инфраструктуры.

Следовательно, BIM не является продуктом или программным приложением, а является оперативной методологией планирования, проектирования, внедрения и обслуживания, что стало возможным благодаря реализации трехмерной динамической информативной модели, внутри которой вся графическая информация включает документы, касающиеся каждый отдельный элемент.


We’ re looking forward to an autumn full of #BIM projects and news, but above all we are eager to announce the collaboration with Università degli Studi ‘Mediterranea’ of Reggio Calabria with the support of NKE — Autodesk Platinum Partner..

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The BIM process now represents a reality that is gradually consolidating in the design and management property panorama.

Integrated design and graphic outputs, such as Render and VideoRender, are often notthe result of a single process. Then, how can you stand in a panorama of software thattake advantage of the modeling already carried out for BIM design?
In answer come different solutions, with the widest and rosy promises, but it is necessary to study in depth the potential of the tools, and rationalize the choices according to the desired output and also the costs to be faced.

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New process and Software for our SmartWorking — Our experience with A360 from the BIM Coordinator Marzia Ricci

Remote working cannot be improvised and Covid-19 is making it clear. We have, have decided to adopt managing policies and paradigms that will allow us to embrace a cultural change that will become endemic in the forthcoming months.
We have chosen to help, through targeted articles, the divulgation of the tools we are using in the hope to advise someone else with what we believe is a best practice.

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