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We are proud to have successfully delivered our BIM services to many clients across all types of industries/sectors such as Hotel, Multi-Residential, Education, Commercial, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, and Warehouse/Storage. Below you can find our main activity sectors.


Airport buildings

B1P Group works with new technologies to provide synergies between infrastructure and logistics in order to maximise spaces, coordination, and sustainability in airport buildings.

HVAC Airport

Airport Infrastructure Management

The Airport Infrastructure Facillity Management is a huge task, and it is one of the greatest challenges for airport owners and operators today.



Bridge design is a key sector within BIM service. Bridge design demands solutions that, with the support of a clear BIM workflow, allows engineers and builders to deal with the difficulties that such critical conditions may impose.

Marine and Coastal Facilities

Marine and Coastal Facilities

At B1P Group, Our BIM engineers use the newest technology to help our clients plan, design, and build port facilities, marine infrastructures, and coastal facilities.


Heritage & Archaeology

Thanks to the work on a 3D model, our team contributes to the identification and conservation of cultural heritage buildings. With BIM process, we deliver solutions that respect the environmental, aesthetic, cultural, and historical values that are typical of our communities and their collective identities.

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Construction Management

At B1P Group, our first goal is meet the expectations of our clients. Furthermore, we ensure that the delivered BIM Model respects both the schedule and the budget for all kind of building and service.

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Chemical Industry

We have experience in detailed engineering, procurement assistance and project management assignments for petrochemical projects.

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Commercial Sector

The commercial sector demands buildings and shops that can be built quickly. It also requires high-quality buildings, which must be flexible, adaptable and energy-efficient in use. At B1P Group, we have a team of BIM modelers with a lot of experience in this sector that can make your dreams come true.

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Every BIM project needs to start with a worflow, a roadmap, standards and BEP. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can deliver training to employees and staff according to your needs.


Government projects

We work with a large number of government agencies to provide legal and project consulting through our experience in multiple fields. In doing so, we provide the best design solution for their goals to be achieved, while keeping down the costs and respecting the negotiated term.

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High speed rail projects

With our rich heritage and modern technology skills, our BIM modelers undertake a wide variety of rail projects, from design, planning and engineering to rail infrastructure.


Oil & Gas

At B1P Group, we have a lot of experience in the industrial sector, supporting the BIM design, engineering, construction and project management for Oil&Gas projects. In the last three years, we have improved our workflow thanks to the BIM power.


Residential buildings

From the project’s very beginning to Virtual Reality, B1P Group works with renovation and new residential buildings, providing quality of life, sustainable development, and client value.

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Railways Stations

As the Railway Station design reached significant bright and modern dimensions, we provide the state-of-art technology and BIM process to create sophisticated design for the 21st century.

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Subway & Underground rail

Before potential explosions and drillings alter and ruin the soil, we intervene to work on a coordinated model with Engineers to understand how and when this process is going to take place. This is our work: we provide support and consulting to the design team to solve problems before it is too late.


Sports Stadium

Sports events and concerts are recreational activities that take place in beautiful buildings. Our work is to guarantee that everyone, from players to workers, can have enjoyable experiences while spending time in attractive, magnificent and safety buildings.

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Our team are experts in BIM tunnel modeling. We worked with earth-pressure-balance and fiber-reinforced concrete liners. With the BIM process, we help the design of systems for tunnel ventilation, lighting, drainage, traffic control, surveillance and fire protection in one coordinated model.

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Project and Program Management

Thanks to the experience of our Project Managers, we have achieved great success in major projects and programs, from Oil&Gas to residential projects. In this regard, we are used to building trust in long-lasting relationships.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing design

B1P Group provides a wide range of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering services. We will integrate them with your design process to deliver complete and coordinated MEP BIM Model.

Urban Planning & Master Planning

We learned to work closely with urban designers and master planners usually through a workshop process to provide the best from BIM design, for example simulations, renders and expertise in relation to issues for development projects.

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Real Estate

Through the BIM Process, we study and plan the whole building life cycle, from the earliest stages of design through construction and operation to demolition. A sustainable planning has to take into account building materials, natural resources, and the disposal of renewable sources, where possible. Everything of what has been mentioned above is possible thanks to a correct use of BIM model.

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Much as hotel operations differ in size, function, and cost, we always provide high-quality services. We provide a solid BIM development from the design project to the facility management. We provide full 3D render/VR model for each room and accommodation, including restaurant and the hall.

foz tua dam and associated pumped storage power station

Dams & Retaining Structures

Our Engineers are experts in modeling buildings retaining structures. The use of BIM model has considerably improved the planning, building and operation of such huge infrastructures.

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Roads & Highways

Our BIM services encompass the complete range of road engineering and go beyond conventional skills when applied to the associated sectors of highway design and analysis, construction phases render and quantity survey.