Legal BIMBIM Manager in Italy

The BIM Manager is the professional figure responsible for managing the BIM process in a project. They are responsible for coordinating design, construction, and maintenance activities, ensuring that the digital model is used effectively and that all information is shared among the project stakeholders.

The BIM Manager must have a deep understanding of BIM technologies, regulations, and procedures. They must also be able to manage and coordinate multidisciplinary teams.

In Italy, the role of the BIM Manager is becoming increasingly in demand. The majority of public procurements for the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure require the use of BIM, and the BIM Manager is the figure responsible for ensuring that the BIM process is implemented correctly.

Duties and responsibilities of the BIM Manager

The duties and responsibilities of the BIM Manager may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. In general, the BIM Manager is responsible for:

  • Defining the objectives and strategies of the BIM process
  • Coordinating design, construction, and maintenance activities
  • Ensuring the sharing of information among project stakeholders
  • Managing the digital model
  • Training and supporting work teams

Qualifications and requirements

In Italy, there is no mandatory certification for the role of the BIM Manager. However, there are several training courses available that allow professionals to acquire the skills necessary to fill this role:

Job prospects

The role of the BIM Manager is becoming increasingly in demand in the construction industry. The growth of BIM usage in Italy and around the world has led to an increase in demand for qualified professionals in this field.

BIM Managers can find work at architectural firms, engineering companies, construction companies, and other public and private entities that operate in the construction industry.