We are pleased to host the BIM Graitec Tour of Structures. Adopt the BIM methodology and improve your workflow related to the design of reinforced concrete and steel structures. In the light of the regulations recently introduced at Italian and European level, GRAITEC is pleased to present a series of free training meetings aimed at bringing professionals closer to the issues of information modelling. The interoperability between BIM modelling software and structural calculation software will be the main theme of these events, through the use of Autodesk® and Graitec software solutions.

B1P Group People: Lorenzo Pede

My name is Lorenzo and I currently hold the position of BIM Coordinator, and my last position, in order of time, is the design of a complex of buildings of a refinery in Alberta, Canada, where the modeling is focused on HVAC systems, bringing the level of development of the models up to Fabrication Parts.

Ordine Ingegneri Bari – Basic BIM & Project Management course held by B1P Group professionals

Ordine Ingegneri Bari – Basic BIM & Project Management course held by B1P Group professionals. This is a fundamental course for those who currently carry out a 2D design management activity and want to move on to the management of parametric 3D design BIM, deepening a complete knowledge of the methods, tools and all the processes necessary for effective management, according to their disciplinary competence (infrastructural, structural, plant engineering, environmental).

Our 2018 in B1P Group

This has been a challenging year that has seen us involved in numerous projects and mega-projects around the world. Our skills and expertise have grown bringing expected results and incredible achievement from international customers.

Competition for the design of the Italy Pavilion EXPO 2020

The central concept of the Italy Expo 2020 Pavilion will be “Beauty connects people”: beauty as an element of connection between people, but also as an expression of creative genius and cultural richness. B1P Group is already working on another Expo Pavilion, offering BIM modeling services to align with the Expo 2020 requirements for design delivery and BIM model for the Concept Design and Detail Design phase.


Nel continuo sviluppo della tecnologia destinata alla progettazione, gestione e manutenzione, il BIM (Buil­ding Information Modeling) è ormai un protagonista indiscusso. Attraverso questa metodologia è possibile garantire il dialogo fra tutte le discipline che compon­gono le industrie AEC e MEP, restituendo informazioni concrete riguardo tutti gli elementi dell’opera, riuscen­do quindi a gestire il cantiere, l’officina ed interi im­pianti industriali e dando modo di scoprire e risolvere a monte ogni tipo di problema, come le interferenze fra le discipline.