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BIM is the winning choice for healthcare structure

During the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic, B1P Group worked non-stop, winning, together with ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI and C-engineering, the contract for the concept and detail design, demolition and reconstruction of an ASL in Benevento, all done with the BIM process. Through the use of Autodesk Revit and Naviswork software, our role will be to manage the modeling and coordination of design models and the management, with the ASL’s RUP, of the whole BIM process including the Common Data Environment.

Today BIM is the end point in the development of the design and construction sector, in which the project becomes part of a unique process that considers the entire life cycle of the building.  The building is modeled before its physical realization and, through the simulation of the project, the environments being designed are explored with the possibility of an immediate feedback of any changes to be made.

Already in 2011 in Denmark, BIM was an essential requirement in the design of healthcare structure, which are very complex infrastructures that are difficult to manage through traditional construction processes. The Copenhagen Hospital, is the fusion of two old hospitals into one new hospital complex and will use BIM technology. In Italy, the first important example of BIM in the hospital sector is the extension of the Galliera Hospital in Genoa.

The BIM process in healthcare structure design needs a proper planning. Doctors, engineers/architects, project managers and builders work together in an optimal and synchronized way. One of the advantages of this interdisciplinary approach is that the design process of healthcare structure is made up of all construction, medical, regulatory and economic factors from the beginning of the design phase.